Hamed Wardak: Life Of An Entrepreneur

The Afghan named Hamed Wardak was raised in Afghanistan. He is the son of Abdul Rahim Wardak, the minister of Defense. Wardak spent the majority of his childhood residing in Pakistan and the U.S. Hamed Wardak, an outstanding educational opportunity connoisseur, attended and graduated at the top of his class at Georgetown University. Wardak won the coveted Rhodes Scholarship all in the same year after earning the title of valedictorian of his Georgetown class with a degree in government and political science.

Throughout his life, he has always portrayed excellence in everything he does as he had exceptional abilities in intellectuals. Above these achievements is Hamed’s thrive to pursue the field of music and entrepreneurship. With that being said, Hamed always had colleagues who thought he is still ahead of others. You will be reading more about Hamed’s journey venturing into the business industry (and music, too!) in this article. Read more to keep knowing a glimpse of who he is and what an inspiration he can be.

Hamed Wardak’s Early Years

Hamed Wardak came back to Afghanistan after finishing his university education in Washington D.C. to support civilians who were suffering as a result of the Afghan Civil War. The Afghan Civil War was finally in its third decade of war at this stage. When the time called for it, Hamed Wardak came back to America and picked up a job at Merrill Lynch operating in the throes of the corporate world. Hamed’s next big American business/corporate world job served as the Managing Director of Global Software Services, Inc. Wardak was a U.S. government contractor and formed a link with the U.S. The United States Department of Defense Agency for International Development (USAID). Under the leadership of Wardak, Technologists, Inc has negotiated several agreements to support Afghanistan worth more than a total of $4 million.

successful entrepreneur

What does it take to becoming a successful entrepreneur? What do you think are qualities that one must possess to be successful in this industry? Below are some of the conditions that Hamed Wardak might have and the reason why he excels in his craft.

Qualities of A Great Entrepreneur

  • Self-discipline: Self-discipline is the first characteristic that successful entrepreneurs will possess. Self-discipline is the single most important attribute of life and business growth. If you feel like it or not, if you can motivate yourself to do what you should do, your performance is virtually guaranteed. Self-discipline requires self-mastery, self-control, flexibility, and self-direction.
  • Honesty: Integrity is the second quality that successful entrepreneurs need to attain. Perhaps a reputation for total reliability is the most valued and respected asset you may create. Be perfectly honest in all you do, and in all dealings and events. Always jeopardize honesty. Remember that when it comes to your company, your word is your shield and your respect. Any productive business is being based on trust.
  • Persistence: Persistence is the third quality of successful entrepreneurs to attain. Persistence is character consistency iron. Persistence is to man’s character, as carbon is to steel. It is an essential quality that goes hand in hand with every great success in life. Your greatest asset may be your ability to persevere longer than anyone else. Your optimism is indeed an accurate measure of your self-belief and ability to succeed.
  • A Strong Sense Of Direction: A strong sense of direction is the fourth characteristic that successful entrepreneurs need to have. You need to set clear goals for each aspect of your company and yourself. In reality, the most critical responsibility for your people is perhaps to give them a strong sense of direction in their work.
  • Determined and action-oriented: Being determined and action-oriented is the last characteristic that all successful entrepreneurs will possess. They have to think quickly and make decisions. They punish themselves for taking action and following the choices they made. Good entrepreneurs move fast, and their acts give them quick feedback. We quickly correct themselves should we think they made a mistake, and attempt something else.


With the qualities stated above, if you are into applying these characteristics on how to become a successful entrepreneur in your field of work or chosen industry, then it is inevitable that you can have as well what Hamed has achieved. Hamed Wardak says business people should always look for the best talent imaginable. Having a strong work ethic and a heart for giving is critical. Wardak also says it is vital for young people to go into the workplace to find ways to stand out and get heard by employers. If you always put your heart and mind into what you do, there is no doubt that you will excel in the craft that you make.