Significance of Engagement Ring

Significance of Engagement Ring

Getting Married

Every religion in the world follows their ancestor’s rules and regulations to preserve their culture for the next generation. Similarly, people celebrate all the events happening in their life and festivals accordingly. Be it Birth of the child, First Birthday, Marriage Ceremony or Death Ceremony they follow their own rituals and customs. Marriages are made in heaven and are a famous quote that unites two people with one another. Before the couple is getting married they follow a tradition named engagement ceremony which requires them to exchange their Wedding rings. It is basically a small affair that is organized between the couple’s family members and friends. As it is meant that the day you get married it is the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Hence the rings which you exchange before getting married have a great significance which is round in shape but full of love. Read on more to know why this ring is so important in the couple’s life.

Wearing Engagement Ring

Significance of Wearing Engagement Ring:

  1. Every ring to be worn in hand comes in a circle shape. If you notice from ancient cultures to the present era this symbol is denoted for wholeness and perfection. In other words, it is the perfect symbol of oneness and unity which shows the love you have for one another made of pure metal be it gold, silver or platinum. It is endless which means no beginning, no end.
  2. Wearing them in your ring finger it directly touches your heart and brings the couple more closely to one another. Once the engagement ceremony is finished the couple gets married within a short span of time and they are united for the rest of their life till the death departs them. Hence it is also considered as a symbol of love available in different designs embedded with precious stones such as diamonds, ruby, emerald, pearl, etc that are matched according to your birth star.
  3. Not only the couple but both of their family members also get united. It establishes strong bonding between the couple. Once they got exchanged it with one another they are required to follow their traditions and customs which might be similar or may vary with respect to cultures, religion, ethnic groups, countries and social being. Strengthen your relationship after getting married as the newlywed couple starts their journey together to spend the rest of their life with each other.


Getting married at the right age is not possible for everyone. ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’ is the popular phrase that is in the talk from ancient times when two people are about to get married. But beforehand they exchange their engagement ring which is a small ceremony held before marriage to help the couple come closer to one another and know more about each other. Enjoy wearing this special ring in your ring finger for the rest of your life.