Role of Games in our Lives

Playing Games

Different people in the world have different hobbies. Few are interested in painting, singing, dancing, reading and few loves to play varied games depending on their physical ability. It is mandatory in all educational institutions such as schools and colleges to conduct all forms of competitive physical activities that improve their body condition as well as offers enjoyment to the participants which are also a great source of entertainment to the spectators. Read on more to know about Sports how it exercises one’s body when performing the physical activity.

Importance of Playing Games

Importance of Playing Games:

  1. They play a major role in imparting character values. Playing is not only fun but helps the candidates, to be honest, show teamwork and give their best to win the game or concerned play. It also helps players to learn the rules and follow them and at the same time respect their teammates and opponents no matter they are winners or losers of the game.
  2. If you notice an Athlete than a Book worm gains more physical benefits when in the field that allows them to shred lots of calories to get rid of obesity, hypertension and diabetes problems which had taken a toll on one’s health. Those loved to play football, basketball, baseball, hockey, cricket, etc in their childhood are likely to attain good health in adulthood as this physical activity helps to tone their body muscles and regulates their body mass indexes to stay fit and healthy.
  3. It is no doubt that when playing certain games it offers them more socializing options to increase their friend’s circle and restricts them to involve in activities like taking drugs, consume alcohol and smoking which are injurious to health. Therefore those adults who are addicted to playing have more opportunities to extend their relationships to live an active lifestyle.
  4. They are ideal means of opportunity to grab a handsome paying job when they achieved certificates and medals at the national and international levels. Due to this skill, many low-income individuals got benefited to pursue their higher education in reputed institutions under the games quota as they don’t have enough money nor alternative resources to continue their studies. Hence it offered them dual support to socialize outside of playing as well as contributed them to achieve their academic success.
  5. Apart from this the graceful winner of the game and loser teaches people how to be humble to one another, gain confidence, self-respect, and manage stress. In the long run, it is also very effective to build leadership qualities to guide and help your team perform well.


Have fun to play your interesting game that improves the proper functioning of body part used while engaged in performing the following activity. Try to accept it in the sportive way and take part in the competition to win the game individually or achieve it with your teamwork. Those engaged in this act often fall in a conflict that usually tends to end with a tag of winner or loser. No matter what is the result just give your best and see how it boosts your inner strength to handle any situation with ease.