Health Issues to Be Monitored In This Winter

Health Risks in Winter

Time to change the myths of winter hacks! Prepare your body to beat the cold temperatures and face the winter storms. Winters are known for their cold air and when they are surprise, it shows a huge impact on one’s health as we are not prepared for the sudden climatic condition. Thus it is essential that we keep good health throughout the year to avoid many health issues that can be dangerous in this season. Never ignore your Health in winter’s as you could be falling in deficiency of vitamins especially Vitamin D which is helpful to boost your kid’s immune system to make them stronger that aids in fighting diseases. Keep a track on your adult’s health as they might be at risk of getting attacked with asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis or even osteoporosis. Read on a few health risks that come and go with this season.

Health Risks in Winter

Few Health Risks associated with this season:

  1. Asthma is one of the most common respiratory illnesses observed in winters when we breathe cold air. It is more prevalent in winter when the temperature goes down to the freezing point. Hence pack your nose and mouth with scarf or mittens to avoid breathing cold or dry air.
  2. With freezing temperatures in winter, it is likely that family members are seen united in one place. Try to keep yourself busy with indoor exercises to combat weight gain which is noticeable in winters. In order to maintain good health in winters get started with yoga or meditation and avoid taking canned or sugary food items that help you gain weight.
  3. There are chances of the contracting virus when shut indoor due to centralized heating. As the weather is dry in winter you are more prone to flu virus which gets transmitted easily to others as well. Hence fall in a practice to sip ginger tea and turmeric milk that boost your metabolism to get through this tough situation.
  4. Seasonal depression is one of the prevailing health risks observed in winters that occur due to change in season and best known as winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The prime reason for this sudden mood swing is less exposure to sunlight in day hours. However, the other factors which lead to depression are a sudden loss of a loved one and the lack of social engagement due to bad weather. Hence try to spend few minutes in sunlight during day hours and make sure you’re getting the proper amount of sleep at least 6 to 7 hours in case of adults.
  5. Heart stroke is one of the most dangerous health risks for which we need to take extra precautions. Don’t involve your body to do strenuous activities as it puts pressure on your heart, because it pumps blood to keep your body warm and working harder than usual aids to a heart attack.


To beat the chilly weather in winters try to add subsequent copious amounts of warm beverages as part of your diet that help to regulate your body temperature. The other alternative is a plan for indoor activities rather than going out in chilly weather. Eat healthily and exercise regularly to attain good health in any season.