Hamed Wardak: a Rhodes scholar turned businessman turned musician

Remaining on top of the industry and learning new things comes naturally to H. Wardak. Currently, a musician at Valen of wicked, is also a  Rhodes scholar, a successful businessman a person with strong conduct to bring peace in his country Afghanistan. Hamed is born to Abdul Rahim Wardak who was the defense minister of Afghanistan. Hamed studied at Georgetown University, Washington DC and graduated in the class of ’97. Hamed Wardak was the elected valedictorian of the graduating year and was also the international Rhodes scholar of year ’97.

Started with native

As soon as he completed his studies, he moved back to his native country Afghanistan. He aimed to make sure that the contacts he earned while being in the states, could be utilized back at his country so that his country can become safer and economically strong. He also worked as a contractor for the US government and took part in many development projects alongside department fo defense and USAID. This brought major contracts for build and design projects in Afghanistan. He was also one of the eight co-founders of CUSAP (campaign for US-Afghanistan partnership). This nonprofit project for the US Afghanistan partnership to bring sustainable development for both the countries.

Hamed Wardak winning acclaims

Business endeavors

Other than being the international operations managing director for the company Technologists Inc. he has also build a name in the apparel business world. during his college years, he did focus on learning more about business and thus gathered some fine-tuned acumen in this field. using such acumen, he created an apparel brand called “Ludas Athletics”.

Music venture

Off late, one can see Hamed Wardak winning acclaims and name at the New York city music and entertainment scene. He is now performing under the banner called Valen of wicked. His music production career is now talk of the town. the reason for his popularity in the music world is the music produced, which has a beautiful mix of cultural beats and techno music.