All you need to know about this Creative Skill

Best of Photographer

Whether you are taking selfies or shooting someone else’s pictures all you need to have is own a Camera or Smartphone with a higher pixel dual-lens camera. If you are new to it don’t hesitate, instead, learn this art to become an expert and gain recognition as it involves a lot of creativity and a good sense of humor to capture the best moments happening in anyone’s life. Yes, you guessed right we are talking about Photography which is not every individual’s cup of tea and requires artistic vision and special brains to hold the moments in-camera with a bright light to make them memorable for the rest of your life. Embark your skills learning the various photographic styles, editing and perform research to click photos that adds style to your being and offers you positive feeling as an efficient professional photographer. Let’s get its true definition-It is a process of recording images which is possible with sensitized material through the action of radiant energy, X-rays, and the chemical which helps to record the images on various sensitive surfaces to transform them into beautiful images that are visible in printable format, organize in slideshow, or produce a cine film.

Best of Photographer

Things you need to know before entering into this field:

  • Capturing photos and videos of any occasion or family event is not an easy task. The person needs to be proficient in the skill to take hold of right shot through his artistic vision which is otherwise not admired to store in the form of memories. Every function we celebrate holds a unique significance. Be it a wedding ceremony, birthday party, housewarming function, cultural activities in schools and colleges or any other event get ready to lock all the rituals in your camera.
  • Try to buy a good quality camera that has an amazing pixel and lens to click photos when required. Make sure your handy device comes with adjustable light sensors to offer you a clear image with all the radiance needed to enhance its overall appearance. No matter you just started it as a passion, because each and every click taken by you is going to bring out your inner talent.
  • There are many reputed universities and institutions that offer professional training to master this art that requires a visionary skill. If you own it then no one can stop you to capture anything happening around you as spectacular moments. Have fun taking photos of your own or try with any of your close buddies to show what you are up to as pictures describe everything without the need for any verbal communication. Hence hands-on this amazing skill to bookmark the event as a Great day forever!


If you are skilled in this art then it is sure to make your small to large gathering memorable and remembered for the rest of your life. Deep dive to learn this skill if you are a professional to capture impeccable and amazing images that speak a whole lot without the need of opening your mouth. Celebrate every occasion with your loved ones and use your handy device to capture candid moments to frame them in albums or hang on your interior walls.


Significance of Engagement Ring

Getting Married

Every religion in the world follows their ancestor’s rules and regulations to preserve their culture for the next generation. Similarly, people celebrate all the events happening in their life and festivals accordingly. Be it Birth of the child, First Birthday, Marriage Ceremony or Death Ceremony they follow their own rituals and customs. Marriages are made in heaven and are a famous quote that unites two people with one another. Before the couple is getting married they follow a tradition named engagement ceremony which requires them to exchange their Wedding rings. It is basically a small affair that is organized between the couple’s family members and friends. As it is meant that the day you get married it is the end of one journey and the beginning of another. Hence the rings which you exchange before getting married have a great significance which is round in shape but full of love. Read on more to know why this ring is so important in the couple’s life.

Wearing Engagement Ring

Significance of Wearing Engagement Ring:

  1. Every ring to be worn in hand comes in a circle shape. If you notice from ancient cultures to the present era this symbol is denoted for wholeness and perfection. In other words, it is the perfect symbol of oneness and unity which shows the love you have for one another made of pure metal be it gold, silver or platinum. It is endless which means no beginning, no end.
  2. Wearing them in your ring finger it directly touches your heart and brings the couple more closely to one another. Once the engagement ceremony is finished the couple gets married within a short span of time and they are united for the rest of their life till the death departs them. Hence it is also considered as a symbol of love available in different designs embedded with precious stones such as diamonds, ruby, emerald, pearl, etc that are matched according to your birth star.
  3. Not only the couple but both of their family members also get united. It establishes strong bonding between the couple. Once they got exchanged it with one another they are required to follow their traditions and customs which might be similar or may vary with respect to cultures, religion, ethnic groups, countries and social being. Strengthen your relationship after getting married as the newlywed couple starts their journey together to spend the rest of their life with each other.


Getting married at the right age is not possible for everyone. ‘Marriages are made in Heaven’ is the popular phrase that is in the talk from ancient times when two people are about to get married. But beforehand they exchange their engagement ring which is a small ceremony held before marriage to help the couple come closer to one another and know more about each other. Enjoy wearing this special ring in your ring finger for the rest of your life.


Music across the globe


Music visualizes one’s soul. It is the way to tell what’s in your heart. World music is comprised of many forms of music from many parts around the world. This global music includes ethnic, western, folk, traditional and many more. the international wide music category is no single or limited but has crossed all the boundaries with its unique definition. From the locals playing the local music to the worldwide popular western and non-western, the music is divine. It connects people, it connects the mind and heart. Whether you are happy or sad, there is always music that defines your mood.

Kinds of music

Music is not just singing songs but includes playing the instruments with a variety of sounds. Each and every part of the world has its own music giving just the treat to our ears. And there are the music festivals which go around the world in every place and in every country and they play their own cultural, traditional music to showcase their tradition as well as the culture. The world music is categorized broadly into many isolated forms of the non-European classical music which includes the Chinese, Indian and the Tibetan chants, and the European folk music which includes the Balkans, Latin music, Indonesian music and the tribal and the folk forms like the African, Asian, Oceania, Central, and the South America.

Listen to soothing music

Music is everywhere from earth to the sky, from animals to humans, one or the other form of music can be heard. There is a number of musicians all over the world and across the globe singing to their best and playing musical instruments. Music has a long history with ancient musical forms and instruments that were used for playing harmony. With the drastic change in the technology leading to the digital world and various gadgets, music has entered the next level where the songs are recorded and saved in media like CDs, DVDs, pen drives etc.

Listen to soothing music

Musicians convey their feelings through music and thus listeners get a lot of comforts. Music is many times accompanied by dance according to the tune and beat, dances are choreographed. Of all the music kinds, pop music is a popular and familiar genre around the world. According to surveys held across the globe, the most listened music form is pop music with a number of albums and the second goes to electronic music. Music has been promoted from many countries around the world by record companies distributors as well as the stores and this how and where the world music has started dated back in 1982s.

Global music has a definite place in this world with new tunes each and every day bringing harmony to everyone’s life.


Role of Games in our Lives

Playing Games

Different people in the world have different hobbies. Few are interested in painting, singing, dancing, reading and few loves to play varied games depending on their physical ability. It is mandatory in all educational institutions such as schools and colleges to conduct all forms of competitive physical activities that improve their body condition as well as offers enjoyment to the participants which are also a great source of entertainment to the spectators. Read on more to know about Sports how it exercises one’s body when performing the physical activity.

Importance of Playing Games

Importance of Playing Games:

  1. They play a major role in imparting character values. Playing is not only fun but helps the candidates, to be honest, show teamwork and give their best to win the game or concerned play. It also helps players to learn the rules and follow them and at the same time respect their teammates and opponents no matter they are winners or losers of the game.
  2. If you notice an Athlete than a Book worm gains more physical benefits when in the field that allows them to shred lots of calories to get rid of obesity, hypertension and diabetes problems which had taken a toll on one’s health. Those loved to play football, basketball, baseball, hockey, cricket, etc in their childhood are likely to attain good health in adulthood as this physical activity helps to tone their body muscles and regulates their body mass indexes to stay fit and healthy.
  3. It is no doubt that when playing certain games it offers them more socializing options to increase their friend’s circle and restricts them to involve in activities like taking drugs, consume alcohol and smoking which are injurious to health. Therefore those adults who are addicted to playing have more opportunities to extend their relationships to live an active lifestyle.
  4. They are ideal means of opportunity to grab a handsome paying job when they achieved certificates and medals at the national and international levels. Due to this skill, many low-income individuals got benefited to pursue their higher education in reputed institutions under the games quota as they don’t have enough money nor alternative resources to continue their studies. Hence it offered them dual support to socialize outside of playing as well as contributed them to achieve their academic success.
  5. Apart from this the graceful winner of the game and loser teaches people how to be humble to one another, gain confidence, self-respect, and manage stress. In the long run, it is also very effective to build leadership qualities to guide and help your team perform well.


Have fun to play your interesting game that improves the proper functioning of body part used while engaged in performing the following activity. Try to accept it in the sportive way and take part in the competition to win the game individually or achieve it with your teamwork. Those engaged in this act often fall in a conflict that usually tends to end with a tag of winner or loser. No matter what is the result just give your best and see how it boosts your inner strength to handle any situation with ease.


Health Issues to Be Monitored In This Winter

Health Risks in Winter

Time to change the myths of winter hacks! Prepare your body to beat the cold temperatures and face the winter storms. Winters are known for their cold air and when they are surprise, it shows a huge impact on one’s health as we are not prepared for the sudden climatic condition. Thus it is essential that we keep good health throughout the year to avoid many health issues that can be dangerous in this season. Never ignore your Health in winter’s as you could be falling in deficiency of vitamins especially Vitamin D which is helpful to boost your kid’s immune system to make them stronger that aids in fighting diseases. Keep a track on your adult’s health as they might be at risk of getting attacked with asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis or even osteoporosis. Read on a few health risks that come and go with this season.

Health Risks in Winter

Few Health Risks associated with this season:

  1. Asthma is one of the most common respiratory illnesses observed in winters when we breathe cold air. It is more prevalent in winter when the temperature goes down to the freezing point. Hence pack your nose and mouth with scarf or mittens to avoid breathing cold or dry air.
  2. With freezing temperatures in winter, it is likely that family members are seen united in one place. Try to keep yourself busy with indoor exercises to combat weight gain which is noticeable in winters. In order to maintain good health in winters get started with yoga or meditation and avoid taking canned or sugary food items that help you gain weight.
  3. There are chances of the contracting virus when shut indoor due to centralized heating. As the weather is dry in winter you are more prone to flu virus which gets transmitted easily to others as well. Hence fall in a practice to sip ginger tea and turmeric milk that boost your metabolism to get through this tough situation.
  4. Seasonal depression is one of the prevailing health risks observed in winters that occur due to change in season and best known as winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The prime reason for this sudden mood swing is less exposure to sunlight in day hours. However, the other factors which lead to depression are a sudden loss of a loved one and the lack of social engagement due to bad weather. Hence try to spend few minutes in sunlight during day hours and make sure you’re getting the proper amount of sleep at least 6 to 7 hours in case of adults.
  5. Heart stroke is one of the most dangerous health risks for which we need to take extra precautions. Don’t involve your body to do strenuous activities as it puts pressure on your heart, because it pumps blood to keep your body warm and working harder than usual aids to a heart attack.


To beat the chilly weather in winters try to add subsequent copious amounts of warm beverages as part of your diet that help to regulate your body temperature. The other alternative is a plan for indoor activities rather than going out in chilly weather. Eat healthily and exercise regularly to attain good health in any season.