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7 Unusual Reasons Why You Should Reward Your Employees or Workers

At work, several situations arise when you say ‘thank you’ to an employee or co-worker. But, sometimes something is needed to match the person’s efforts aside from saying thank you. For this, accompanying a thank you with recognition awards may be needed. Below is a list of unusual reasons why you should be giving custom awards to recognize the extra effort and work they perform. These reasons are not the typical or common awards given for the length of service or sales incentive programs, but awarding for these reasons can be an effective way to improve employee engagement and commitment. Reward them for:

  • Taking another person’s workload

When one employee is out of the office due to sickness or vacation, for instance, having someone in the office that is willing to cover for that person’s work is something to be appreciated for. Backing up or covering someone else’s job is not an easy task and can result in double responsibilities. When one does it well for someone else, show them appreciation and recognize their efforts by giving awards.

  • Accepting over-time, extra shift, or comes in on a day off

This is, in fact, the common reason for companies with incentive programs to give employees recognition awards. When there are people in a company or business that can be turned to and give assistance even if it requires overtime, these people are going above and beyond their job descriptions. Also, depending on the industry or standing of the economy, more and more employees are being asked to fill in. Because of these, many companies or businesses are lessening job burnout with simple recognition awards.

7 Unusual Reasons Why You Should Reward Your Employees or Workers

  • Coming up with an idea and implementing it that consequently improves the workplace or has helped reduce costs

Companies or businesses should give out recognition awards to employees with ideas that help to reduce costs or make the workplace better. Depending on the situation, a company should reward its employees proportionate to the savings or impact.

  • Taking the lead on a new initiative

There are times that an employee or worker will grasp onto a plan and take complete ownership of seeing it through, even if it means that it needs to be worked on outside of business hours. Proactive behavior must be recognized, and the company must be grateful for having an employee or worker with that kind of initiative. Rewarding go-getters will show them that their effort was worthwhile and meaningful.

  • Stepping in and going above and beyond his or her job description

It’s always an excellent idea to reward employees who assist others and help to create a friendly, teamwork-focused environment. A company can reinforce this positive behavior by providing recognition awards to those who exhibit their core values and help to shape the overall atmosphere in the workplace. By giving recognition awards, this will encourage individuals to keep progressing and helping in the future.

  • Assisting in a project

There are times that workers or employees start a project only to realize there is no way to meet a deadline without other’s help. Mostly, this does not happen too often, but when it does, an award must be presented to express recognition and gratitude.

  • Helping to eliminate an unsafe work situation

We all know that safety in the workplace is a primary concern for both employees and employers, and when workers can help to make things safer, they deserve recognition awards. These are people who point out unsafe conditions, report near misses, propose corrective action, and more.